Heritage Doors and Frames collection

Say hello to the new Heritage Doors and Frames collection. These stunning new doors are sure to transform your next project; whether you’re redesigning an office or renovating a home, these doors will make a big difference.

Heritage doors and frames are versatile, strong, and renowned for their slim profiles. With both internal and external options available, Heritage Doors will help contemporary spaces reach their full potential. If you’re working on a project where a wide area needs to be divided but don’t want to limit the light levels, Heritage Doors are the best choice.

Heritage Doors and Frames are the ideal way to enhance your open-plan living space

As home working becomes more common, people change their lifestyles and families live together for longer, there is a need to utilise internal space more effectively. Heritage gives home and business owners a stylish and eye-catching way to manage their indoor areas.

For instance, perhaps you want to separate a home office from a living room. The slimline internal screens are just the thing. They’ll divide the space, reduce noise and increase privacy, but won’t impact the light levels. There’s no risk of a sectioned room becoming stuffy or dark; it’ll be well-lit, bright and airy.

They’re also perfect for external use. Heritage doors have a traditional vibe but with none of the drawbacks associated with vintage steel doors and windows. They’re not prone to condensation, while the comparatively lightweight metal puts far less strain on the building structure.

With Heritage Doors, you’ll get walls that let the light through, create new rooms for offices and transform older, tired buildings into something fresh and vibrant.

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